We offer a range of odour control solutions to suit any application. Make the right first impression to your customers and staff with a washroom that not only looks clean but smells clean too.

From active devices such as battery operated units to passive devices that require no power we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

The most popular device is a battery operated unit that sprays a fragrance at programmed intervals. Our units are smart enough to not only be programmed to spray at certain times but also during periods of extra activity. Take a lunch break for example, our units can be programmed to spray more frequently during this period to cope with extra traffic flows. With a wide range of pleasant fragrances we are confident we can find a fragrance that you will love.

As part of servicing our technicians will swap the fragrance canisters out as needed and replace batteries if required. We can also rotate the fragrance if desired to give you a new fragrance every couple of months.

Passive devices such as urinal screens, toilet clips and essential oil based units are also very popular. Like the servicing regime for our battery operated units our technicians can replace the screens and refill the oil canisters as required.

Urinal screens and clips are offered in three scents: Lemon, Apple & Melon 

Further information about our essential oil based air freshener units can be provided on request. Contact Us