We offer a range of sanitary units from manual to automatic, and flexible servicing options.

From multiple services per week to once a month, we work with our clients to develop a servicing schedule that fits their traffic and needs.

In cubicle servicing allows for fast and efficient removal of waste with minimal disruption to your washroom.

As part of a typical service, the unit would be emptied of waste, odour control granules replaced and the exterior of the unit wiped with a germicide/disinfectant.

We offer:

  • Feminine Hygiene Disposal Units
  • Baby Waste Units
  • Odour Control Granules to minmise unpleasant smells

We offer a range of bin types to suit different environments, because of this we can sometimes offer bins where others can’t.

Slimline bins for tight cubicle spaces or wallmounted vandal resistant units for extra protection.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.